How do the Chapters function?

Although we have a blueprint on how a Chapter should function, we also realize that countries, regions, cities and people differ, so from a Light Rider perspective we allow the Chapters to create their own identity, as long as the foundation of shining the light of the Lord Jesus Christ, by being obedient to His Word, is not compromised in any way.

General Chapter/Club:
  • Every first Saturday of the month we have a Club/Chapter fellowship run. This is done on a Saturday instead of Sunday, to make allowance for attendees/members who are involved in church activities on Sundays. Not all people have motorbikes and we motivate those that don’t have bikes but want to join in,  to come by car, because we believe the Club is about relationships and fellowship, not just motorbikes, and to make it possible for those that wish to bring their children along as well.
  • Every 3rd month we try and have a family get-together at one of the members houses or at a park or other venue.
  • Every year we have a national come-together, which we call a “bash”, where members are invited from all over the country to come and join in fellowship and fun. Although it is a Light Riders event, it is not exclusive to members only.
  • Last but not least; we don’t require or request money from our members, only the cost of the Colours/Patches and the badges are paid for by the members when receiving them. Colours are paid for at the point when a person is nominated to become a member, in order to cover the cost of the manufacture of the Colours/Patches. Badges are paid for on the spot when members receive their badge at a run. A Chapter is more than welcome to open a local bank account, because sometimes members want to pay for their Colours/Patches via EFT.
Chapter/Club Leadership
  • The three portfolios/roles in the Chapter are:
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Road Captain
  • If a Chapter is very small, sometimes only a President will exist and as it grows the different roles are added to support the President or Vice President, depending on the needs.
Badges, Membership and Colours/Patches:
  • When a person joins a run for the first time, he/she gets a Light Riders friendship badge, which is sponsored by the Chapter/Club.
  • If a person has been riding actively with the Light Riders Chapter for a number of runs (preferably at least 6) and shows him- or herself to be active Light bearers of the Word (this means a willingness and desire to walk in God’s Word), they can be nominated for Colours/Patches and become a full member of Light Riders.
  • After becoming a member, the member now starts the process of collecting badges and a new badge is given after every third (3rd) run he/she attends.
  • Attendance can be monitored in different ways, according to the size of the Chapter:
    • By the Leaders on a list or spreadsheet
    • With an attendance register
    • Business Card with stickers, like a little VIP coffee card. Each time the member is on a run he/she receives a sticker which they stick on the back of the card and after the 3rd run the card is handed in and on the fourth run they get their badge, with a new card and the first sticker for the new card.
Website and Social interaction
  • The website is used for active news on what affects bikers in general.
  • The website is also used to enter upcoming events, which can be found on the calendar on the side menu as well as on the pages and blog.
  • Booking of events is easy; simply send an email to and it will be loaded. The event system also provides for booking and RSVP. More information on the process can be obtained by writing to the above email address.
  • Each Light Riders Chapter/Club has its own Facebook page and the link to that page will be posted under the Chapter information on the website. We suggest that the page be created as a “person” and not a page underneath a persons name, because it makes it easier to maintain over a long period of time.
  • The leaders of each Chapter are also listed under the Chapters link on the website.