Where did it all start?

From the first time Wessel van Dyk climbed on a motorcycle in 1966, he was hooked! He bought his first motorcycle in 1973, and was a 250cc Yamaha. From 1983 to 1986, he joined the Kingdom Riders group with his 1100cc Gold Wing and was part of the Franchhoek chapter in the Cape. Now, 7 motorcycles later, again with a Gold Wing 1000cc, he started with a outreach division as part of Father-ship Ministries.

Light Riders started with a conviction in Wessel’s heart and got his strategy in a dream about how the group should work. With the motivation and help from Corrie (Vice President), they started with their first breakfast run in August 2009 to Cullinan with a group of 8 bikes.

What is our Vision and Mission?

  • To invite all bikers and motorcycle riders to join us for a breakfast run every first Saturday of the month to various venues
  • To share, support and encourage each other
  • To have fellowship together and make new friends
  • To keep the Word and the Truths in the Word and teach it to others
  • To take hands on outreach projects like orphanages and old age homes
  • To attend Rallies as Light Riders
  • To arrange getaway weekends for fellowship, the ride and nature
  • To join hands and build friendships with other motorcycle clubs
  • To be light bearers through our friendliness, attendance and support to other clubs and meetings
  • To always be available and ready to give out the Kingdom and to build it up
  • To bring spiritual fathers/leaders together for unity, cooperation, and prayer so that His Kingdom can be built

The meaning of Light Rider Colours/Patch

Through prayer and searching God’s heart the name Light Riders was born, which is the core of our function, to shine His light to the world.

The Colors/Patch simply means; that our salvation comes from the cross and the Lord Jesus said that He is the light (John 8:12) and therefore the light shining from the Cross. The Sword represents the Word of God (Ephesians 6:17), which is our guideline and weapon.